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Designed by Nick de Klerk and Daniel Romero at Aukett Swanke assisted by Ruva Chipato. Copyright Aukett Swanke.

A concept masterplan for a new resort hotel in East Hampshire developed for a Hong Kong-based hotel owner and operator. The hotel would have provided a series of timber lodges and treehouses set around two existing freshwater lakes, along with a large hotel hub building containing front of house and operational accommodation along with some additional rooms. 

A separate two-phase spa building was envisaged with the first phase providing more traditional water-based wellness therapies and a second providing medical therapies. The project was intended to constructed in timber, making use of as much off-site prefabrication as possible to reduce on site works and disruption to a minimum.

Headley Park

Hotels, East Hampshire, Concept Masterplan

Great Marlborough Street
Sleep Set
The Relais Cooden Beach
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