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This project was designed by Sze Wei Lee at Aukett Swanke London with Liz Hearne. Copyright Aukett Swanke.

The project was comprised of the refurbishment of the ground floor of the iconic covered courtyard in the Grade I Listed Royal Exchange to install a new bar and cafe for Fortnum & Mason (by Universal Design Studio). 

The stone floor of the courtyard was redesigned and replaced while conserving and protecting historic layers beneath. 

The three sweeping staircases at the corner of the courtyard are designed as elegant and sculptural transitions which flow from the surrounding mezzanine into the courtyard. The new staircases have  innovative PVD coated stainless steel balustrades. They are designed to draw the public up to the mezzanine level to appreciate the important historic murals which surround it. the brushed almond gold balusters and handrails have a lightness which, while working with the dominant classical language of the courtyard, do not distract from it.

As part of the project, new customer WC's and a kitchen for the bar and cafe were also provided.

Royal Exchange

Retail, City of London, Complete

Line / Surface / Volume
Cromwell Place
Great Marlborough Street
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