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This project was designed by Nick de Klerk, Sze Wei Lee, Ed McCartney and Rui Costa at Aukett Swanke London. Interior design by Isabella Lonardi, Carolina Rodrigues, Mima Romanic and Raquel Aparicio. Lighting Design by Susan Lake. Photography by Andrew Beasley. Copyright Aukett Swanke.

The Sleep Set is a concept hotel room designed and constructed for the Sleep Hotel design show which took place at the Business Design Centre in Islington on November 2016. The departure point was a brief to design for a new market segment defined as 'sensation oriented' by German social research foundation, the Sinus Institute.

Our response was to create a fully immersive environment that demanded an emotional, affective response - one which was open enough to engage a spectrum of users, who would, in occupying the room, complete the design. We fused the architecture and interior design of the room, creating a room envelope lined in a white mesh scrim, the depth of which varied, modulating the acoustic and visual qualities of the space. A fully integrated lighting system designed into the envelope allowed us to change the light temperature of the space, set to run on a simulated circadian rhythm.

The room contained three spaces, a sleeping and washroom area as stipulated in the brief, and a third, social space which could accommodate as many as ten people in a standard sized single room. Steps and ceiling height changes defined thresholds, emphasising subtle changes in the qualities of the three spaces.

The set was widely published and was the winner of a UK lighting design award.

Sleep Set

Hotels, London, Complete.

Great Marlborough Street
Line / Surface / Volume
Cromwell Place
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