The Relais Henley

Hospitality Interiors

A piece written for the industry title Hospitality Interiors on the story behind the refurbishment of the The Relais Henley, outlining the approach, some of the challenges and how the unique quality of the Grade II listed hotel has developed.

'The experience that has been crafted is rich and complex without being intimidating while comfort, luxury and accessibility has been prioritised at every turn. This investment has extended the lifespan of the building for another generation and perhaps more and, as a team, we feel privileged to have become part of the story of this building and a few of many, many hands that have shaped it over the centuries.'

8 Feb 2022

Nicholas de Klerk

Meet the founders of Translation Architecture

Hotel Designs

An interview with editor Hamish Kilburn in industry publication Hotel Designs profiling Translation Architecture.

'The role that writing plays in translating abstract ideas into design concepts is a key part of our design process. Dialogue and conversation, often taking the form of writing, are important to our collaborative creative process. As the practice has taken shape, this notion has developed in interesting ways.'

8 Dec 2021

Hamish Kilburn

Survey of Hotel Timbers Confirms it Was Originally Built in 1462

Henley Herald

The date of construction of the (West Range of the) former Red Lion hotel (now the Relais Henley) has been confirmed as 1462, the year after the Chantry House, making it one of the oldest buildings in the town.

'The principle behind tree-ring dating is a simple one: the seasonal variations in climate-induced growth as reflected in the varying width of a series of measured annual rings is compared with other, previously dated ring sequences to allow precise dates to be ascribed to each ring.'

9 Nov 2021

Brit List Architect of the Year Finalist 2021

Hotel Designs

Nicholas de Klerk has been shortlisted as one of the top 25 architects working in UK Hospitality in the Brit List 2021 by Hotel Designs.

4 Nov 2021

Hamish Kilburn

Interview with Grace Leo

Hospitality Interiors

A profile of hotelier Grace Leo in which she discusses the development of The Relais Henley and the next property which will form part of The Relais Retreats group at Cooden Beach in East Sussex:

'Working with my architect, Nick de Klerk, and interior designer, Pascal Allaman, who are both well-seasoned and talented professionals, made our journey all the more stimulating and rewarding.'

1 Nov 2021

Can Faik

From the Red Lion Hotel to the Relais Henley

Henley Standard

A piece in the Henley Standard which considers the reception of the proposed refurbishment by local residents, and quotes at length from the Design and Access Statement submitted with the planning and Listed Building consent applications prepared by Translation Architecture:

'Great care has been taken to understand the building, including the impact of several ill-considered and harmful changes to the property over time which the broader refurbishment programme seeks to reverse. The intention is to bring the hotel back up to a quality and standard that both the residents of Henley and visitors to this important market town would wish to see.'

25 May 2021